"This basic protocol is so simple to get you started on your road to recovery. I love the fact that you can print a list of what you need to do. The recipes are so easy to make and saves me lots of time in the kitchen"

Carla P.So simple

This book has many great ideas to implement in your daily routine. I also like that you can design your own protocol and use foods that won't trigger your symptoms designed just for you. Great book"

Jamie R.Wow! Many great ideas

I was given a trial copy to read and I have to say, it's worth every penny. I highly recommended this book to anyone with or without autoimmune. What I like best is Kiki teaches you how to get started and what foods you should eat or shouldn't eat. I'm happy I got it.

Amber G.Worth every penny

This book is simple to follow and the soup recipes are so delicious and easy to make. It really has helped me control my symptoms of Rheumatoid arthritis. I've tried some of the home care remedies and it really helps soothes the pain.

Trina G.Love the soups

I was totally lost trying to figure out how I can heal my body without medications. This book helped me understand why the foods I was eating were making me sick. I now have a starting point to start eating healthier. This book also has a menu plan that is so simple to follow, recipes that are delicious and easy to make, The templates in the workbook help keep me organized, I'm glad I got it. For the price these books are well worth it.

Roberta S.Saved me

I'm glad I made the decision to get this book and not the other I was looking at. This book helped be get my mind straight before beginning this process. Each step was easy to implement and having a guideline of what I need to do was very helpful. It's a long process, but one that is worth doing. Baby steps is the key.

Felipe H.Baby steps

I couldn't decide whether to get the book or workbook, but luckily enough I got both on a special. Wow, I'm glad I got both. The workbook had a wealth of information with templates that are easy to follow in helping you design your own protocol. Best decision ever.

Sherley A.Decisions decisions

Most diets i've tried have failed me because I come to realize that not all diets are made for everyone. This book and workbook helped me design my own protocol to fit my own needs. Every day is a learning experience, but now I can enjoy the foods I like and know it won't cause so much bloating. Great Book!

Dania F.We are all different

I've gotcha covered!


Getting Real The Autoimmune Way

By Kiki Dahlke

GETTING REAL THE AUTOIMMUNE WAY is for moms, dad, teacher, grandparents anyone who won’t settle for less in life, who want a BETTER way to live life, be happy and symptom free.

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