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March 2019

Kiki’s Secret Seasoning

By | Cooking, HOME

KIKI’S SECRET HERBAL SEASONING BLEND As a busy mom, everything has to be quick and simple in my kitchen and this herbal blend has saved me lots of time when in the rush to cook a meal.   This is one herbal seasoning blend that I use in many of the…

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In my younger years I traveled a lot and always remembered seeing mothers struggling with their children at airports, on airplanes and even during road trips. I always thought, “Oh my is this what I have to look forward too.” I also told myself I would never travel when I…

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Simple Tips for healthy looking teeth

By | Aging, Beauty Tips
Good hygiene should be part of your daily routine. Below are some natural tips and recipes to care for your pearly whites and keep bacteria out of your mouth. Teeth Homemade Toothpaste: I have used this for years and love it much better than the toxic toothpaste on the market. This...
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