5 simple steps to regain control of yourself

I keep hearing people tell me they don’t like this healthy food or that healthy food, you know why that is?  That’s because they have been so brained washed and programmed to like bad fattening processed foods because companies deliberately put preservations in their foods to make it taste good. Just like they say “You can’t eat just one”.  Well they’re right, food manufactures put delicious tasting flavors in processed foods so it becomes addicting. The problem is, those are the same ingredients that are making you sick and causing you to pile on the weight without you even realized it until you look at yourself in the mirror or step on a scale. Not only that, those are the same foods that WILL trigger your autoimmune symptoms causing inflammation in your body.

A few months and years go by and then you start getting depressed because you don’t know how to undo all the damage done to your body. Here are a few reasons why that is:

A – You’re brain is so programmed to like unhealthy foods that healthy foods don’t taste good to you.

B – You have no will power to change your lifestyle

C – You’re too lazy to even try

D – You make up all kinds of excuses of why losing weight or healing does not work for you.

I’m sure you can identify with at least one if not, all of the above. And believe me I know because I’ve been there.  Well, I do want to let you know there are ways to undo all the damages but, you have to put the effort forth, stick to it long term, and don’t give up so easily. Here are 5 ways to get you started.

  1. Retrain your mind to think positively about healthy foods, not negatively. For instance when vegetables are placed in front of you look at it as if it is going to heal your body and make you feel better. Don’t look at it and say that looks gross. If you say that, you’re immediately training your brain to not like it therefore it won’t taste good to you. Look at healthy foods like healing medicine.
  2. Stop making up excuses and get real with yourself. Tell yourself this is enough; I got to do something about my weight or pain and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Love yourself enough to want to make changes in your health.
  3. Retrain your taste buds to start liking real foods. It will take time, but once you accomplish this, then all the bad foods you once ate, will taste so nasty that you wonder how the heck you ever ate that stuff.
  4. Replace all your junk food (NO SUGAR, no starchy foods) with good healthy foods like vegetables (lots of greens), seafood, chicken, drink lots of water, and get up and go for daily walks. Exercise is a must to achieve optimal health. Not only that, it energizes you as well giving you the motivation to be healthy.
  5. Pray and ask God to please give you the willpower to be able to eat healthy and take action. You can’t make it happen unless you do it yourself and God will guide you along the way.

Food controls everything that happens to us – what you put into your mouth will determine whether you will destroy your body or heal it. This is a long term commitment, but one that will benefit you for the rest of your life.  It’s your choice just make the right decision.