A Dream and A Passion Becomes a Reality for Two Men for the Love of People

By February 11, 2016Giving Back

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 La Casa Del Campesino was the dream of a man by the name of Cristóbal Araúz. He seen the ordeal that hundreds of humble farmers faced day and night from all the province of Coclé, Panama that traveled from a far, to bring their families to the hospital or attend legal proceedings and due to lack of resources had to sleep on benches or at the foot of the hospital.
This also became a dream of Manuel Cardenas, which I am proud to call my uncle. His quest was to fulfil Cristóbal Araúz dream while serving his term in office as mayor of the town of Penonomé. Back in 2005 that dream for both men became a reality and was a way to help the needy.

La Casa del Campesino is a home that provides lodging to humble farmers from rural areas that are inaccessible and do not have families in town. It gives them a chance to tend to family members that are hospitalized or to handle legal matters while in town. It is also common for women in these inaccessible areas to move in town during pregnancy to give birth. These farmers have no means of being able to pay for neither hotels nor transportation.

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This home provides these farmers with comfortable beds to sleep, showers to bathe, and hot meals are provided daily. They also have a laundry facility and offer them transportation to and from the mountain or rural areas in the province. There are a host of several volunteers that help run the facility to make sure their guest are comfortable and taken care of while dealing through such difficult time.

One farmer was surprised by the help given to the needy. He commented “I was given free lodging and food. God, this is a blessing, because before we slept on benches”. Like this humble man, over thousands of people have been served since the opening of La Casa del Campesino. This home is where they’re given food and lodging, free of charge, so they can focus on their sick family members or other legal needs.

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I was honored to have been present the day they had their opening ceremony with the then president of Panama Martin Torrijos which inaugurated this long awaited project. Since then my family and I have been supporters of this wonderful cause providing food, toiletries and cash donations. Below you can view pictures of this home.

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