Are you taking your Dim ? What it is and why you need it.

By April 23, 2018Menopause, Womens Health

I have never heard of DIM until I went in for my pellet injections and after doing my own research, I came to find out how much of a power supplement it is for hormone balance. DIM – called Diindolylmethane, (yeah, you try to pronounce it) is a food based compound found in cruciferous vegetables like kale, bok choy, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and Brussels sprouts. It’s a phytonutrient and antioxidant and in order to get the recommended amount one has to eat at least 2 pounds of these veggies on a daily basis. I know, that’s a lot. I can’t even get that much in my green smoothies.

So this is where DIM supplements come in, it helps to give your body what it needs and helps your liver process estrogen.

In women DIM helps with the lovely symptoms of PMS, peri-menopause and menopause. But, hold on guys DIM also helps men with prostate issues and andropause (man-o-pause as I call it) and also helps to reduce the risk of heart attacks and cancer in both men and women.

Dim helps estrogen levels to remain balanced for a longer period of time, which goes well with the Hormone replacement pellet therapy I talked about in one of my blog posts. DIM helps to optimize your hormone replacement therapy however; it’s not an alternative to. It reduces the bad estrogen and increases good estrogen, which has a great affect on your body.

When I exercised and lifted weights before ever taking DIM, even though I felt great, I still felt my muscles where not getting anywhere. But, once I started DIM it really boosted my workouts and helped build my muscles faster and loose that body fat quicker.

Another benefit of DIM, is for those of you who struggle with chronic inflammation in your body, DIM helps to keep your immune system under control and helps to fight the pain. However, along with taking DIM, you still have to take the proper steps to control your symptoms of autoimmune by eating the proper foods that fits your body’s own needs.

DIM supplement has helped me tremendously, heck even my husband started taking them and he too has noticed a difference in his health. So as you can see there are so many benefits to taking DIM.

I highly recommend you speak to your doctor first and see what dosage amount you should take as it all depends on your overall health, weight and any current medications you may be taking that can interact with one another.


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