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Kiki’s Secret Seasoning

By | Cooking, HOME

KIKI’S SECRET HERBAL SEASONING BLEND As a busy mom, everything has to be quick and simple in my kitchen and this herbal blend has saved me lots of time when in the rush to cook a meal.   This is one herbal seasoning blend that I use in many of the…

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In my younger years I traveled a lot and always remembered seeing mothers struggling with their children at airports, on airplanes and even during road trips. I always thought, “Oh my is this what I have to look forward too.” I also told myself I would never travel when I…

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Simple Tips for healthy looking teeth

By | Aging, Beauty Tips
Good hygiene should be part of your daily routine. Below are some natural tips and recipes to care for your pearly whites and keep bacteria out of your mouth. Teeth Homemade Toothpaste: I have used this for years and love it much better than the toxic toothpaste on the market. This...
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Hormone Replacement Therapy Pellets Part 4

By | HOME, Menopause
Hormone replacement Therapy - Part 4 I previously wrote an article about my experience with hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and wanted to give you an update after the first 10 days. You can find previous articles regarding this treatment in my blog or click on the links below for part...
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Contest Time

By | Contest
As promised, here it is, a contest just for you.   Three (3) lucky winners will receive a copy of my eBook version of "Getting Real The Autoimmune Way - It's time to take control of your health" and "Achieving Optimal Health".  These ebooks are everything you need to know...
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Why you might be low on Iodine.

By | Womens Health
Are you having all these crazy symptoms and suspect your thyroid hormones are unbalanced? After getting blood work done, I was told my body was lacking Iodine, which is the first time ever being told this, but the results where right there on paper. I knew iodine is an important...
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By | Health
** 10 LIFE-CHANGING REASONS TO DRINK MORE WATER Have you gone all day without drinking water ?  Did it even occurred to you that you are thirsty? Guess what – by the time you experience the sensation of the thirst, you are already dehydrated.   That thirst is your body...
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Hormone Replacement Therapy Pellet Injection

By | Menopause, Womens Health
What to expect with Hormone replacement pellet insertions Part 2 After doing some homework and researching natural ways to balance my hormones, I kept coming across bio-identical hormone replacement therapy pellets. Every time I read about these little tiny pellets, it captured my interest, but as a person with Lupus and...
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Hidden toxic chemicals in your beauty products

By | Beauty
If you suffer from inflammation, joint pain due to arthritis or some other sort of inflammatory illness, your physician will likely instruct you to reduce your exposure to toxins. Well, while you will want to adjust your diet, you should also consider adjusting your lifestyle. This is because there are...
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5 Benefits of Drinking Cranberry Hibiscus Tea

By | Teas
5 BENEFITS OF CRANBERRY HIBISCUS FOR AUTOIMMUNE Cranberry Hibiscus (a.k.a. False roselle, African rosemallow – Hibiscus acetosella) is a striking and colorful plant with red leaves that resemble a maple leaf. It can be grown as a border or hedge plant – its dramatic purple leaves contrasting nicely with plants...
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Dealing with Autoimmune Disorders

By | Autoimmune Disease
One thing that is really important is understanding what autoimmune is and how it affects your system. Autoimmune disease is when your body is working hard to defend itself against something potentially dangerous, like an infection, food, or a toxin. It fails to tell the difference between an intruder and...
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Mean lean blueberry salad

By | Autoimmune Disease, Blueberries
Spring has arrived, the air is cool, the flowers are blooming, the skies are sunny and our tummies need slimming. What better way than to start with a cool spring salad with lots of healthy ingredients that will help you reduce inflammation and help your body reverse the symptoms of...
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