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Remember our pre-teen years ? Those were the years we were full of energy, always on the go, and there was no stopping us until our parents hollered at us to come in for dinner. The many games of hide and go seek, our long bike rides to somewhere land, we never knew where we were going, but we went.

As our 20’s rolled around we endure these long hard workout sessions to get rock hard beach bodies to look our best in a bikini. Doing everything from weight training, fitness boot camps, biking for miles, swimming mega laps – you name it, we did it all. You would have thought we were going after a million dollar prize. Well, at least some of our friends were going after that huge bodybuilding trophy. Yes, we were obsessed with  working out.

In our 30’s, well our hard workout sessions really tapered off for some of us when we started having children and our reasons for exercising quickly changed to trying to get that baby weight off. Our time was limited due to raising our children, working, all kinds of mommy duties and cleaning house, so our forms of exercising had to change. I found myself doing all kinds of crazy things to get my weight off. For those of you with babies there are many fun exercises you can do with your kids. Maybe some day I’ll write an ebook on it, but for now just get creative and have a blast with your children. It’s so much fun entertaining kids and getting fit at the same time.

Oh our wonderful 40’s. My late 30’s to the early 40’s were my fittest years ever. My kids were walking and I was once again, on a mission to get fit like in my twenties although time was limited so I had to get creative.  Going back to my 20’s routines just wasn’t going to cut it for me plus I didn’t have time to live at the gym so I had to find other ways to exercise and entertain my boys all at the same time.

So now comes along our 50’s at least for some of us, if your not there yet, your turns coming.  My how quickly it creeps up on you. We sit here and think, where did the years go? Our kids are grown, we have more time on our hands, and the thought of going back to these old exercise routines just isn’t sitting well. You find yourself making up all kinds of excuses, but you know you just can’t sit around and do nothing.

In my mid to late 40’s, I was going through my bed-ridden days dealing with my autoimmune disease flare-ups and experiencing lots of body pain. I had lost a lot of muscle mass, strength and my body was majorly stiffening up.

I clearly remember the day I tried to step up on a bleacher and couldn’t even pull myself up, nor could I lift a case of water. I had always been a strong female and experiencing something like this really scare me. That’s when I realized how bad of shape I was in. Once I recovered I knew I needed to get back into exercising. At this point, it wasn’t a matter of choice, this was mandatory. It took me a full year before I got back into an exercise routine. It was’t because I could not exercise, it was because I just got into a comfort zone and was lazy. I was always talking myself out of it and putting it off for tomorrow. Well, the longer I put it off the worse I got and I knew I had to do something quick.

Exercising at any age is a matter of health and especially for those dealing with an autoimmune disease.

So you find yourself feeling out of breath, tired and non-motivated. You are lacking energy and just seam to be sleeping your life away or you keep telling yourself you’re getting old.   You are just right down tired and those grueling workouts at the gym makes you even more tired thinking about it.

In our later years our reasons for exercising are far different then in our 20’s or 30’s and the thought of all those long workout sessions just might not be for you anymore. In my FREE Ebook I want to share with you  some fun easy exercises that helped me bounce back to health. These exercises are easy on your joints, will strengthen your entire body, and get you started on the road to recovery.

In all my years I have done many different types of workouts like Zumba, aerobics, boot camps, kickboxing, along with all kinds of sports throughout my lifetime. I enjoyed every moment and had the fittest body ever, but many of these workouts and sports also have caused many injuries and damage to my body which I’m currently feeling the longterm effects of.

Now, I am not saying you shouldn’t do long hard work out session once you reach 40’s or 50’s,  if you can handle it that’s fine, more power to you. I still find myself doing a few sports, but not at the level I was use too. I have friends that still do hard workouts in their 40’s – 50’s, but I also see the pain they are in, the harm they are doing to their bodies and all the ibuprofens they take just to alleviate the pain. If that’s what you wish to do that’s fine, it’s your body.

One thing I can tell you from first hand experiences is that those long hard workout sessions are very hard on your joints, muscles, and overall body if you are one dealing with any autoimmune diseases.

Ladies, and men you too, as you age it’s all about preservation,

being healthy and enjoying the rest of your life.

There is no need to hit the gym and spend countless hours just starring at those fitness gurus and admiring their bodies, there is no need to try and keep up with the young generations or try to look like what you did in your 20’s, 30’s or even 40’s.

This is not a competition. All you need to do is exercise at your own pace, do what is most comfortable for you, what will help you increase your life span and take care of your joints and muscles.

As we age our exercise routines seam to change and so do the reasons for exercising. These simple stress free total body exercises are great for men and women of any age and especially those battling any autoimmune disease or illness.

Exercise in general provides physical activities that reduce the effect of aging.

In my FREE EBook I cover the 4 categories that every exercise program should have.

Now let’s get started. Go ahead and download your FREE EBook now so I can teach you what I did to bounce back to health without those long hard grueling workouts.

It’s simple Let’s get started now.


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