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For many years now I have had the honor of entertaining my children during summer vacation, keeping them busy and active during these hot summer months.

Every summer I would hear moms complaining about school being let out, what ever are they going to do with their children, and looking for all sorts of summer camps to put their children in.

To me, summer was one of my favorite times of the year; I looked forward to having my children home fulltime and doing all kinds of fun activities with them.

However, one year I felt maybe my kids wanted to do a camp like all their friends, so I put them in a couple summer camps and missed them terribly.

Here I thought my kids were having so much fun, but little did I know they were bored. So each year after that I would ask if they wanted to do a camp or mommy camp, and guess what they chose? MOMMY CAMP!!

I hear to many moms say they just do not know what to do with their children and how to keep them entertained. Well, coming from an experienced mom of two highly energetic boys and 1 energetic little girl, I have compiled a list of things to do with your children. My kids are now 19, 16 and 12 so even at this age it can be challenging, but still possible to do fun things with your children.

I am just thankful my kids love hanging out with their parents. They know we love to have fun and after all they know it’s free food and fun for them. LOL


 #1. WATER: I have to put this one first. Because of the summers being so hot, there is nothing like fun in the water. Every child likes water. There are many things you can do to have fun with water. Including free and inexpensive fun.

–Waterparks – These parks normally have resident rates and weekly passes that are far less than weekend passes.

— In many places we have traveled too, we have seen parks with fountains that spray out water from the ground. You know how much fun these kids have? Ok moms and dads, you too can join in the fun and get soaked. Why sit in the background sweating. Join In.

— Beaches, springs, rivers and lakes in your area. There are many anywhere in the     world you go. Find one close to you and pack a lunch and have a picnic. Just make sure the water is safe and clean to swim in.

If waterparks are too expensive and you just don’t have means of transportation, there are other things you can do. LISTEN UP…

— Grab the hose, fill up a tub of water and let the kids have fun splashing each other. Get 2 large pails and 2 small cups, place the large pails at one end of the drive way, have the kids fill the small cups from the tub and run to the large pail and dump it in. The one that fills it up the fastest, wins.

— The dollar store has these water sticks. Fill those babies up and shoot it at each other. Talk about fun.

— Water Balloons. Fill them up and play a game of toss or just throw it at each other gently. Even at teenage years these kids love water balloon fights. However, you have to be careful they don’t throw it to hard.

Get the idea? Water is just way fun. You can’t go wrong – everyone loves to play in water.

#2. BOWLING: If you get tired of all that water fun and just want to take a break from the sun, try bowling. Every bowling alley has specials during the summer. AMF bowling alleys have $1 nights, college nights, and weekday and weekend specials. Go to and sign up for their pinchers club and receive all the specials. If you do not have an AMF I’m sure your bowling alley has specials.

#3. MOVIES: Summer is full of many kid friendly movies, all the way to teen friendly movies. They also have matinees during the week that saves lots of $$. Pack up the kids and relax with a fun movie.

If you can’t afford to hit the theatres, then go buy some popcorn and drinks, dim the lights in the house grab a snuggly blanket and do a movie day or night at home.

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#4. MUSEUMS and AQUARIUMS: We had yearly passes to our aquarium and guess what? They had an outside play area with water. So once we went through the aquarium – I let them have their water fun right before going home. I always dressed my children in their cute swim shorts, matching shirts and had a change of clothes waiting in the car. They slept well all the way home.


coloring indoors

On days my children were to whip to go anywhere, yet needed entertaining, there was plenty to do at home. I had a tub with all kinds of craft stuff. You need to get creative; the web now is full of all kinds of craft ideas for kids. Here are my children’s 2 favorite when they were little.

I would buy a big roll of white paper; Tear a piece off and place it in the middle of the kitchen floor and let them draw away with crayons or washable markers. This entertained them for hours. So what if they accidentally get a mark on the floor. This can be cleaned up easily and the memories will stick with you forever. How I wish I could go back in time and watch my kids again having so much fun drawing, tracing their hands, body and feet. It’s a great way for siblings to bond. Ok, so long as they don’t fight over who’s going to use the color red first. Just make sure you have 2 or 3 of each color.

PUDDING FUN: This is our all time favorite that has to be done outside fingerpaintingand in their swimsuits or diapers – no shirts. Grab a piece of white paper from the roll, make a couple batches of pudding (vanilla and chocolate), place it in plastic bowls and let them draw with pudding. You will see how much fun your children will have, drawing, licking their fingers, drawing again, and licking the fingers. Before you know it they are covered in pudding from head to toe. Have a camera ready because these are truly funny lasting memories.   You can also use washable paint like in the picture. I just couldn’t find a picture with the pudding or I would post it. Pudding is far more fun because they can eat it.

There are far more fun things you can do with your children. Get creative; as long as they are outdoors, getting exercise and just having fun with mom or dad they really don’t care what they do. On hot days, who wants to be out in the heat without water? I know I don’t.

Go make lasting memories with your children, have fun with them and be a kid yourself again. Once they grow up, you wish they were little again. I miss those days terribly, but we are still making other lasting memories now in their teenage years.

Believe it or not they still love to do all those fun outdoor water activities.

One last piece of advice: Make sure you travel with a cooler full of water. Freeze a few bottles and use them as ice packs to keep the others cold longer. Keep yourself and your kids well hydrated. The sun is very intense and even if you are playing in water and keeping cool, you still need to drink water to stay hydrated.

Now go have some summer fun and be a kid again.

You only have one life, make the best of it.

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