Does one bad apple really spoil it all?

By October 28, 2015HOME


Throughout my years I have played many different sports, been an active volunteer on many committee’s, sports group, school activities, music programs, you name it, I’ve done quite a bit. What I have always seen is that one bad apple that really puts a damper on the success of the team or group and puts most people in a bad mood having to deal with such a person.

From spectator perspective, volunteer or player, there was one thing that I noticed at any event I would attend and that was teamwork. Whether you are planning an event there is teamwork involved, if you are playing sports there is teamwork or a music performance there is teamwork.

What ever it is you do as a group, whether big or small is considered teamwork.  Teamwork is what determines whether a team, group or any event succeeds or flops and when a bad apple is in that mix, it doesn’t mean the team will not be successful, it will just make working together a bit harder.

Usually that one bad apple is so negative, strong willed, always wanting to do things their way or better yet a power hungry person. A person that thinks “you need do it my way” or “you do all the work and I’ll just take all the credit for it” type of person. Ok, that is a whole other topic so we will stick with that one bad apple and team work.

Usually every one involved hopes that one bad apple just quits or leaves the team. If they chose to leave AWESOME they are not needed anyways, it’s a distraction to the teams success. But, if they do remain the best thing to do is just ignore them and continue to work as a team or confront them and let them know politely it would be much better if they all worked together as a team.   Of course, I know it’s easier said then done, but we just hope they chill or go sit in the corner and pout.

If you’re one of those bad apples, just look around you; I’m sure you’ll see everyone else having a good time and communicating well.  If you feel ignored then obviously there is a reason why. I have one advice, LOOK IN THE MIRROR and ask WHY.   Just be a team player. You will make more friends and things will flow much easier.

As for all you true team players, kudos to you for always working hard together and making things happen. Don’t allow that one bad apple to ruin the fun or the event.  Go succeed without them. Team work is everything.

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