The Getting Real The Autoimmune Way are a collection of self help books (in paperback and digital versions) that are everything you’ll need to target the symptoms of autoimmune, easy to prepare recipes and menu plans to help you get started.

Dear moms, dads, and anyone who wants to feel better,

Do you have a hard time getting out of bed, always feeling fatigue, sluggish, have joint and muscle aches, and your brain just feels foggy?

Have you tried every medication, remedies, and yet still deal with painful symptoms of autoimmune day in and day out?

I’m sure you’re just tired of being tired and simply want to do something about it, yet you don’t know where to start.

If your life feels chaotic, out of control, and full of discard or if you are one who has;

     ~ Just been diagnosed with autoimmune?                                          

     ~ Have struggled with autoimmune for a long time?

     ~ Are tired of dealing with the pain and achy joints and muscles?

     ~ You want to heal your gut and start feeling energetic?

     ~ You want to lose unhealthy weight?

     ~  You want to get healthy, but just don’t know where to start.

     ~ Or, you simply want to prevent illnesses and feel good again?

You need to listen up – – – –


If you’re seriously ready to do something about your health and want to start living life again, then “Getting Real the Autoimmune Way” is a book that can help you do just that.  

This simple and easy to follow step-by-step eBook covers everything you need to know about healing your gut naturally, the way it’s intended to do, so you can start feeling better again.

It’s time to stop playing the guessing game and letting life pass you up. You need to start living your life in balance, start feeling better, and prevent any future illnesses.

Break free of unhealthy habits and

learn the basic steps to thrive for life.

Reduce Inflammation

Relieve Pain

Boost Energy

Improve Mental Clarity

Alleviate achy joint  

Lose Weight

Improve your overall health

Prevent Illness

And much more

I’m ready to

help you take

that first step to


Are you? 


Are you ready to get started?


Did you Know:

Chronic disease is one of the leading cause of death? Back in 2012 there were 117 million people with 1 or 2 chronic diseases and 84 million people that are obese.  Fast-forward to today, those numbers have risen higher and the sad part is, they are rapidly rising year after year. This is all attributed to the foods you are eating along with the unhealthy lifestyle you live.

This is a very serious health concern


My friend, you have to start Getting Real.  You need to start waking up and realizing how much you are poisoning your body with what you’re eating. Not only are we surrounded by toxic foods, but also clean foods that are triggering your autoimmune symptoms and causing havoc in your body.

So my question for you is, What are you doing to help your autoimmune?   Or are you just living day-by-day hoping it all goes away?

Not knowing where to start, what foods to choose or how to cook is the one area where most people are at a loss. I have seen many people stop eating because they think every food they eat triggers their symptoms. I know because I did the same things years ago, but this is the worse thing you can do for your body.

In my early twenties I was diagnosed with Lupus and later in my 40’s Rheumatoid Arthritis. I had struggled for years with these awful autoimmune diseases and no matter what I tried it just seamed like nothing was working.

That was until I decided to really set out and do some serious research about healing my body naturally. This journey took me to an indigenous tribe where I learned first hand about natural plants and foods meant to heal and not destroy your system. Our bodies are meant to heal itself only if we feed the proper foods.

Healing naturally doesn’t have to be difficult and surely isn’t impossible

It’s time to feel free again

Here’s what this book & workbook covers

This downloadable eBook, “Getting Real The Autoimmune Way” covers simple and proven ways to reverse those awful symptoms of autoimmune and a step by step guide to start healing your gut the way it’s meant to be.  You will learn to;

  •  How to support your immune system  
  •  How to keep your bowels healthy and detoxing daily
  •  What foods to avoid that will do major damage to your gut 
  •  How to choose foods that you are able to eat and won’t trigger flare-ups
  •  Simple starter recipes that are delicious and easy to make
  •  3 week menu plan with delicious foods you’ll love to eat
  •  A Food alternative list
  •  I will also teach you how to meal plan and prepare quick meals
  •  How to design your own protocol that fits your own needs
  •  How to maintain or lose unhealthy weight
  •  Home care remedies to relieve pain and cut down recovery time  
  •  How to stay on your “A” game and stay super healthy

Of course, there’s much more that you’ll learn in this eBook like simple changes you can make to transform your health so you can start enjoying life again.

I also have a 42 page eWorkbook that contains printable quick references from the main book above, “Getting Real – Reverse & Prevent” as well as easy to follow fill-in as you go templates to keep you organized and on track. They are all in printable form that you can store in your binder for safe keeping.  Here are a few of the templates that you will get:

  • Action plan list
  • A list of powerful Autoimmune foods you are able to consume
  • The full version of the Food Alternative List and a customize my own list
  • Create your own smooth guide
  • Personal home remedies
  • Full daily journal and a progress journal
  • Symptoms checklist
  • Personal Health Goals
  • Planning & Preparation checklist
  • 3 week Printable Menu Plan and design your own menu plan
  • Shopping list for the menu plan
  • Quick start starter recipes
  • Master Recipe list (Breakfast, lunch and Dinner, weekly calendar 
  • Your personal trigger foods list, How to design your own protocol to fit your needs 

Plus many more easy to follow templates with step-by-step instructions to keep you organize and on track in your healing journey.

Even if you have never been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder or you simply just want to lose weight, you will also benefit from the information in this book.  No matter what level you’re at this book is designed for anyone who wishes to heal their gut and prevent future illnesses.  This is everything you need to know to reverse your symptoms.

Best part is you can download this eBook and access it on any device from your home computer to your cell phone to your tablet, that way you have it readily available when you most need it.

If you are willing to make the change, I am willing to help you make it happen.

Start investing in yourself  TODAY!

**Paperback Book**



Work Book


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Honesty disclaimer:  If you are one who is not serious about healing your gut naturally, then this book is not for you. However, if you are one who is ready to put the effort forth in turning your health around, then this book has everything you need to know to start healing now.
Legal disclaimer:  There are no refunds on digital and downloadable products once you make your purchase. I do ask that you please give this book a chance as it can truly help transform your life to the better, so long as you take the actions and follow the steps given in this book.