Halloween Safety Tips

By October 31, 2015HOME



Halloween is an exciting time of the year for children and adult as well. Make sure you practicing safety measures while taking your children out on this halloween night.

Here are a few things to remember:

— Dress them in comfortable costumes. Make sure they can not trip in the costumes they are wearing and if wearing a mask, make sure they can see well.  I have seen to many accidents with children tripping and spoiling their special night.

— Carry water with you.  These children are running from house to house and tend to get very dehydrated.

— If you have little ones I highly suggest taking a wagon with you. This was a must in our home and by the end of the night I would have a wagon full of kids hauling them all back because they were to tired to walk.  They get very exhausted and half the time want to sit and not walk home or you need to carry them.

— Stay with them at all times while Trick or Treating. If older children, make sure they stay with their group and not wander off alone. Predators are out far more on this day preying on children.

— Watch for cars when crossing the street, some drivers turn their light off and some just do not know how to slow down.

— Go only to houses with porch lights on, if a light is not on do not ring the door bell or knock on the door.

— Kids only have candy on their minds and tend to dart across the street so please watch them closely.

— Do not allow them to eat candy while Trick or Treating. Feed them before you leave.

— Always check their candy first. Any open ones or ones that look tampered with through it away.

— Don’t let them over dose on candy, limit a few pieces each day. If you give them the whole bag they will eat it all and then end up sick.

— Hide their bags.  These kids will take it in their rooms and that calls for roaches and wrappers everywhere. Yuck!

A couple tips for Adults:

— If out at a party or club, be careful who may be behind a costume. Don’t trust everyone.  This is a perfect night for predators to hide themselves behind a mask.

— Watch your drinks and be vigilant at all times.

— Don’t wander off alone, stay in a group or with your partner.


Have fun and enjoy this Halloween night.

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