Holiday Party do’s and don’t to avoid autoimmune food triggers

By December 13, 2017Food for thought, Healthy eating, HOME

The holidays are meant for fun times with family and friends. However, as a person with autoimmune, you’re limited to the foods you can eat or you simply just fall off the bandwagon so you can enjoy the festivities and all those delicious appetizers and beverages. It’s so easy to loose track especially when the food and drinks are flowing left and right.

With holiday parties in full swing, there are things you can do to help you get through the holidays and avoiding any autoimmune food triggers. These simple tips below are great during the indulgences of the holiday season to keep you looking and feeling your best before, during and after any party.

The beverage bar

The number one place most people head to is the beverage bar. As a person with autoimmune, alcohol or any sugary beverages can trigger your symptom causing pain. Depending on where you’re at with your autoimmune will depend whether you can have a couple drinks or pass on it completely. If your gut is healed, some people can tolerate a couple non-sugary drinks and still be ok. So if you decide to have a drink make sure you drink lots of water before, during and after to avoid dehydration. Make sure to choose your drinks very wisely.

If you simple cannot drink, but just want to have something in your hand while you chat with friends, ask the bartender for a water in a wine glass, a splash of cranberry juice, and a squeeze of lime or lemon. This is a classy non-alcoholic drink that is healthy and keeps you hydrated and no hangovers the next day.

Food for thought

Many dishes are loaded with sugar or sodium and basically off limit for those dealing with autoimmune, however there are some that are less likely to trigger your symptoms. Here are a few suggestions.

~ Try eating a nice meal at home before you leave, this will prevent you from hitting the food table when you first get there.

~ Bring your own autoimmune friendly dish that you know you can consume and one you love to eat.

~ Go for the fruits and vegetables first and fill yourself up on healthy foods so you are not tempted to hit the sweets. Let your food settle before going back for more.

~ Shoot for the protein it’s more filling and can help prevent overeating of sweets and high calorie carbs.

~ Don’t linger around the food table. That’s where most people like to hang out and nibble while they talk. If you don’t see the food, you won’t be tempted.

Just keep in mind what each food will do to your body and how it will react. The last thing you want is end up laid up in bed during the holidays. Trust me you don’t want to wake up with a food hangover and take the fun out of this happy time of the year.

Come the morning after if your feeling sluggish, drink plenty of water with half of a squeezed lemon, this will help with digestion. Drink a cup of bone broth and eat fiber foods like a nice greens salad to help you with your detox process and get your system back in order.

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Keeping yourself beautiful for the next party

Believe it or not there are women who just fall asleep with their make-up on. This is the worse thing you can do for your face. Prolong makeup use can cause wrinkles, sagging skin and blemishes. Wash your face thoroughly and take a nice shower before bed. Just being clean and refreshed feels so good giving you a good nights sleep.

Over eating adds to the blemish-making factory. The body response to too many calories eaten, which then leads to the skin becoming greasy, irrigated and can trigger eczema, rashes or other skin breakouts. You must remove all food waste by drinking plenty of water and lemon and eating high fiber foods.

If you wake up with blemishes normally this is due to all the sweets, bad foods eaten, and lack of exercise as well. Treat them with hydrogen peroxide or apple cider vinegar. Just don’t pick at your pimples, this will worsen them more and makes it harder to cover up for your next party.

If your body has any residual salt retention, this can be from too much sugar and salt, which then leads to puffy eyes and bloating. To control the eye puffiness try placing used tea bags to bring the puffiness under control. Also drinking a tall glass of water will help to reduce the swelling.

By applying these simple tips, it can prevent you from getting sick and you can continue enjoying the holidays.

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