Hormone Replacement Therapy Pellet Injection

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What to expect with Hormone replacement pellet insertions

Part 2

After doing some homework and researching natural ways to balance my hormones, I kept coming across bio-identical hormone replacement therapy pellets. Every time I read about these little tiny pellets, it captured my interest, but as a person with Lupus and RA, my concern was the soy in the pellets since it was one of the foods I had to stay away from. So I decided to take the plunge and go in for a consultation, dragging my husband with me to inquire about these little pellets i’ve been hearing about.

The visit was very pleasant as I sat and listened to everything my doctor had to say about this treatment and how it will do my body good. And as for the soy, it’s all plant base and safe for those with autoimmune. So once I felt completely comfortable with the process and all the information I gathered, I gave my doctor the go ahead. She took a full set of blood work, this is an important part of the process as the results show what my body was lacking and determine the right dose of pellets to be injected.

Warning: If your doctor does not take any blood work and just wants to inject pellets, say no thank you and find another doctor. I read countless reviews online of doctors/nurses not taking the time to get your blood drawn. I personally feel this is one process that is very important to determine what your body lacks and give you the right dosage.

Once the result of my blood work came back days later, I was excited to get the pellets injected. My doctor sat me down and went over every bit of my results, pointing out exactly what my body was lacking and where my estrogen, testosterone and progesterone levels were. I have to say, I love my Dr. Joy, she is so patient and very knowledgeable in this area answering every question I had.

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The fun part begins, now I’m ready for the insertion of the pellets:

Bio-identical hormone pellets are derived from plants and made up of estradiol, testosterone or both. It’s hormones that are pressed and fused into a tiny pellet. They are as small as a grain of rice and are inserted under the skin. A small incision is made in the upper buttocks with local anesthesia. It releases small doses of hormones consistently and is dissolved by the body. You can go up to 4-5 months before having to replace them. Because progesterone dissolves to quickly it cannot be used in the pellets so a natural prescription is recommended.

At first I was a bit nervous not knowing what to expect. However, my doctor made me feel so comfortable and walked me through every step. The worst part was the prick of a small needle that injected the anesthesia, which was not bad at all. From there I could not feel anything at all and in 5 minutes, bam, the pellets were in. I was bandaged up and ready to go on with my day.

Another area covered was the vitamins my body was lacking such as B12, D3, Dim and Iodine. Supplements were recommended for optimal health and to give those pellets a boost and last longer.

Pellets have been used in both men and women since the late 1930’s. Because it is derived from plants, they cannot be patented. What I like best about these natural pellets is that muscle mass and bone density will increase and fatty tissues will decrease. As a person who struggles with Lupus and rheumatoid arthritis and the start of osteopenia this is definitely a plus to help strengthen my bones. Of course exercise is important as well. The more you do to optimize your treatment, the better off your body will be. Other issues it helps with is the many menopausal symptoms, it restores your sleep patterns, improve sex drive (which hubbies loves), and gives you a boost in energy.

Stop trying to guess what foods you should be eating and get to the root of your flare-ups and autoimmune symptoms

If you choose bio-identical hormone replacement therapy pellets, don’t be afraid to ask the questions that concern you. Do some research and make sure you feel comfortable before proceeding forward. This too sparked the interest of my husband since it works just as good for men as it does women. I will keep you posted on his results. So guys stay tuned because this too can help you too.

Let’s see how well these pellets work. Stay tuned for part 3

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