Hormone Replacement Therapy Pellets Part 4

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Hormone replacement Therapy – Part 4

I previously wrote an article about my experience with hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and wanted to give you an update after the first 10 days. You can find previous articles regarding this treatment in my blog or click on the links below for part one, two and three so you understand how it all works. I’m now on round two and will follow up with an article on what I’ve experienced.

In my part 3 articles I wrote about the first 10 days of my HRT and what I experienced, this is a follow up article about the days following.

So I really seamed to be doing well from the start and full of energy, until I missed 1 progesterone tablet.  This is where all hell broke loose for me.  The very next day I started my period, you might say flo came back again and was really fierce. Now to let you know I had not had a period in 6 months and felt I was on that home stretch of reaching menopause. No, it’s nothing to have a party over, but nice to not have flo back again.  Well, let me tell you, I went 3 weeks of dealing with flo, some day’s were heavy, some days light, but it felt like an eternity.

As my doctor mentioned, I happen to be the lucky 1 in 10 women who get their periods back with HRT pellets, plus all the lovely symptoms I dealt with throughout these 3 weeks.  Sluggishness, PMS pain, heavy flows you name it, I was dealing with it. It happened to be that I was the lucky one who is sensitive to the tiny bit of estrogen. Yeah, lucky me, this is something that’s hard for a doctor to determine until pellets are already in. I was instructed to take 2 progesterone tablets a day and eventually the bleeding would stop, which it did. But, taking 2 progesterone, one during the day and one at night just made me sleepy, tired, and hard for me to focus.

All I kept thinking is, this is not what I signed up for. About the 2 months mark of being on the HRT pellets, things started getting better. However, I was also dealing with a little weight gain, puffiness and sluggishness, but that eventually all went away and I was able to start enjoying the wonderful benefits of this therapy treatment.

Now, I truly don’t want to discourage anyone from the HRT pellets because I have read some amazing reviews and results from other women and men as well and the incredible success they’ve had with it. I can say that my Lido is back and that is well worth it in itself.  Just because of flo coming back for a short time, I’m not ready to give up on HRT. My body had to go through an adjustment phase and what I love best is the many other wonderful benefits that have helped optimize my health and helped improve my autoimmune disorders. To me that is well worth dealing with some of the temporary symptoms that have now gone away.

From what I’ve heard is to give the treatment a chance and go for the second insertion and then determine whether its worth continuing or not.  It’s basically a matter of balancing out a persons hormones, which mine were definitely out of whack to being with. Just got to undo all that damage and aging, plus detoxing your body as well. Just keep in mind everyone’s body works differently; mine happens to be very sensitive and is a matter of just balancing it back out.

I hope you find these articles informative and if you do want to give this HRT treatment a try please do your homework and look for reputable doctors in your area that will do a full panel bloodworm before the insertion of pellets.  This will let you know the levels of estrogen, progesterone, and testastarone as well as what your body may be lacking.  Read the following articles below to get caught up with the previous updates. Blessings


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