Hot flashes, night sweats, fatigued? There is hope.

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What are you doing to balance your hormones?

Part 1

Menopause can be a very trying time in a woman’s life. From hot flashes, night sweats, to itchy dry skin, fatigue and strange rashes this can be very annoying and tiresome after dealing with it for months and years.

Usually when you go in for a doctors visit and explain your symptoms, immediately you are given some type of medication for depression or what ever symptoms you may be having, which normally does not target the problem. It just puts a band-aid on it and after awhile the meds stop working and you’re back to square one again.

Dealing with menopause symptoms is more than likely due to imbalanced hormone levels. As you age your hormone production changes and hormonal imbalance can occur as a result. It’s all part of the natural aging process.

Hormones act as your body’s messenger telling it what to do and how to react. When hormones are unbalanced it causes a variety of symptoms. Even what we eat, the amount of stresses in our lives and exercise can all affect your hormone balance.

Too much or to little hormones being produced can cause a slew of issues such as; mood swings, depression, brain fog, chronic fatigue, anxiety, irregular or severe periods, loss of libido, hot flashes, night sweats, dry itchy skin, rashes, the list goes on. Every woman is different and everyone experiences different symptoms at different times in their lives. If you’re lucky like I was, you’ll experience them all. It wasn’t a fun road, but I dealt with it the best I could. However, I do have to tell you there is hope.

As women we try to target these issues in different ways all depending on the path you wish to take. Below are 4 ways to target these symptoms:

  1. Normally most women don’t do anything and just pray it all goes away and hope you start feeling better again. But, usually it doesn’t work and your health just keeps getting worse and worse.
  2. You try to balance your own hormones by eating healthy foods full of omega 3’s, you exercise and keep stress levels down, but yet no matter what you do you still have issues and can’t understand why nothing is working.
  3. You get medication prescribed to you for whatever symptom you may be experiencing, which then leads to the 2,3 and before you know it you are on 4 different types of medications, yet you’re not feeling any better. Some doctors even recommend Synthetic hormone replacement therapy after menopause. Regardless which medication you take it all has side effects that eventually does your body more harm then good, so you feel stuck wondering what you should do.
  4. You consider getting those tiny little natural pellets injected into your booty to balance those hormones.

So you wonder which ones I’ve tried? Well, as a person who likes to heal my body naturally, #3 was just out of the question. There was no way I was going to damage my body with medication. I have come this far in controlling and reversing my symptoms of Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis that I refused to go the prescribed medication route.

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As I struggled day after day with the symptoms of menopause from hot flashes to night sweats to dry itchy skin and fatigued, I tried everything I possibly could to balance my hormones. I ate hormone-balancing foods day after day; I exercised daily, kept my stress level as low as I could and took different types of natural supplements. Yet no matter how dedicated I was, I just couldn’t get those hot flashes and other symptoms under control.

My last resort was number 4, the BioTE hormone replacement therapy pellets. This is one of the best decisions I could have made, I felt back to being myself once again.

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Part 2 – The process of pellet injections and proper supplements to take

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