How to de-stress your body.

By January 11, 2017Relieve Stress

Years ago I was diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases and with chronic pain is something I deal with on a daily basis.  It’s a battled that I will have to face for the rest of my life.  For the most part I have more good days then bad days but that’s because I am very strict with what I put in and on my body.  With any autoimmune disorder, we have to watch what we eat to avoid the triggers of pain, rashes or complications in out body.  However, the foods are not just the only thing that can cause chaos in our bodies, the are others things that we must pay attention to that are contributors to chronic pain.  As most of you might know stress is at the top of the list.

When on a high stress level or being stressed and lacking some good sleep, those are two things that can send your body into pain mode. And trust me, when the pain hits, it hits good.  This is why anyone with autoimmune disorders or anyone for that matter should work on keeping stress levels down if at all possible or it can become fatal.

Here are several ways I like to reduce stress and alleviate chronic pain.

  1.  Take a day and hit the beach, take a hike up the mountains or simple get out and take a walk around the block. Stop spending your days in doors, if the weather is beautiful just get out and stroll around the block or simple sit outside and breathe the fresh air. This is instantly put your body into relax mode.
  2. Meditate. You heard me, sit in the middle of your living room and start humming with your eyes closed.  Think of nothing else but being on a beach somewhere, or on a cruise.  Just find that one place that will give you comfort and peace. Imagine yourself in a quiet place far away from everything. You’ll be surprised where your mind can take you without even going anywhere.
  3. This one is my favorite, the SPA. Book yourself a day at the spa for some massage therapy. You’ll be surprised at how this will help to relieve tension and pain in your body.  You come out of there rejuvenated and ready to take on the world again.
  4. Try and infrared sauna at your local spa, you’ll be happy you tried a session.  This sauna will help you relieve pain and helps calm your body down from the daily stresses in life. I call it my de-stresser.  The infrared gets deep down into your tissues and helps repair it at a cellular level.  It helps with chronic pain as well as detoxing your body.

Of course there are many ways to de-stress your body, but these are just a few of my favorite ways to do so. Especially more so when it targets my chronic pain. Try to avoid as much stress as possible, this will help to prolong your life span and give you that inner peace.


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