Hungry Boys? Try this simple rice dish

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Arroz Chino

What my boys love, my boys get.

Making my boys happy is what I strive for and one way to do this, is by feeding them a delicious meal. This rice is called “Arroz Chino”, in english it’s Chinese rice. My mother has been making this rice for many years and as a teenager I use to eat this stuff up. I always watched my mom mixing and frying the ingredients and soon I learned to make it myself.  Arroz Chino is one of the first meals I made my husband years ago when we dated.  It was probably my cooking that he fell in love with. Let me share the recipe with you too.


2 cups of Long grain White Rice (do not wash it)

4 tbsp. Olive Oil

1 1/2 cup of  Smoked Ham  (Cut and Cubed)

1/2 cup Green Onions (Diced)

2 Tbsp Soy Sauce

4 cups of water    (Note: For every 1 cup of rice you add 2 cups of water)

Break off a 2″ piece of my Secret Seasoning 

Salt and Pepper to taste

2 eggs (scramble)

In a deep sauce pan pour in the Olive Oil, let it heat up on medium heat, toss in the white rice and mix it good blending it in with the Olive Oil.  Stir the rice around frying it until it is light golden brown.  You have to keep watching the rice so it does not burn. If you feel the rice is not frying well you may turn the heat up a little bit, but keep stirring it so the grains of rice brown and it does not burn.  

Once the the rice is a light brown, add the cubed ham and green onions and stir it around well for a good 5 minutes until the ham is a little cooked.  Add the soy sauce and 2 cups of water, add a piece of my secret seasoning, bring to a boil, reduce heat, cover it with a lid and let it simmer until the water is absorbed. Once the water is absorbed and the rice is cooked you may add additional salt and pepper to taste to your liking.

While the rice is cooking you may prepare the scrambled eggs. Crack open 2 eggs and place it in a bowl, add a tad of milk, sprinkle a little salt and pepper, whisk, and cook it in a small pan with a little bit of butter.  Scramble the eggs until it is done. Once the rice is fully cooked, you may add the cooked scrambled eggs and mix it into the rice.  Cover it for 5 minutes with the stove off and allow the eggs to absorb the flavor of the rice.

Serve with a house salad and enjoy watching your boys scarf it down and ask for more.

Note:  You can use honey ham, but it will slightly change the taste of the rice.  

Beware while white rice is gluten Free, it is also highly processed. Refined carbohydrates in general, is void of nutrition and can cause inflammation since it quickly turns into sugar within the body.

This was one of my favorite rice dishes, but as a person with two auto-immune diseases, I am unable to eat white rice since it cause my body to flare up instantly.  But, I do enjoy making it for my children and husband. 

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