Kiki’s Secret Seasoning

By March 26, 2019Cooking, HOME


As a busy mom, everything has to be quick and simple in my kitchen and this herbal blend has saved me lots of time when in the rush to cook a meal.  

This is one herbal seasoning blend that I use in many of the dishes in my soon to be released cookbook. It’s so simple to keep in the freezer to use as needed with out wasting your fresh herbs.

You will need a high quality blenderor food processor. 

Now lets create this delicious magical secret seasoning that will transform your food and give it a boost in flavor.

INGREDIENTS:   (Add these to shopping list)

1 – 2 whole Garlics (Peeled)

1 – Bunch Fresh Cilantro 

1 – Bunch Fresh Basil 

1 – Bunch Fresh Parsley

1 – Bunch Fresh Chives

1 – Peeled medium Onion (cut in quarters) or 1 bunch Green Onions 

1 – Shallot (Peeled and cut in quarters)

1/2 – 1 cup of liquid organic low sodium chicken broth or bone broth

4 – 1 Quart freezer Ziploc bags 

Wash all the herbs, cut them up if needed so the stems don’t get stuck in the blades. Toss all the herbs in the blender, add ½ cup of chicken broth and blend it, add a little bit at a time as needed, so it blends well. It will look like a thick cream; don’t add to much chicken broth to where it’s real runny, the liquid is to help it blend well.

You can use water instead, but the chicken broth gives it more flavors. 

Once you blended everything completely pour it into a freezer Ziploc bag a little at a time to make a nice thin layer. Seal it releasing the air and freeze it on a flat surface.

The reason for this thin layer is so when it’s time to use this secret seasoning, all you do is break off apiece as needed and toss it in your food when cooking it.

If the layer is too thick you will need to thaw the seasoning partially to break off a piece. I personally don’t like to thaw and refreeze.

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