Learn simple steps to healthy hair

By February 20, 2019Aging, Beauty Tips

Taking care of your hair can be a huge challenge especially in these hot and cold weather months. As a person with fine long hair it can be even more of a challenge to keep my hair looking healthy.  Below I have a few tips on what you can use to make your hair shine.

Healthy Hair

To thicken and keep hair from falling out:  I make an oil-based salve for my scalp at night.  Combine 1 tsp. of each avocado and castor oils with a few drops of rosemary, clary sage and lavender essential oils. I rub a few drops into my scalp each night and wash out in the morning.

For Deep Conditioner: Use Olive Oil, Coconut Oil or even Mayo works believe it or not.  Egg whites are even good for your hair, but personally it’s a yucky mess I can not to battle with. Not only that, the smell kills me each time.

If you don’t have Olive Oil or Coconut Oil  in your pantry then it’s time to get some, this is the best stuff for a deep hair conditioning. It leaves your hair so soft smooth and healthy. These oils are also great for cooking as well as making many other excellent DIY skin and body care recipes.

Hair Mask:  Start at your scalp and slowly pour some oil on the palm of your hands or straight on your scalp. Massage either one of the 3 (Pick one from above) into your scalp working all the way down to the tips of your hair.  Once you lathered your hair up with oil or mayo, put a plastic cap on and go relax or clean house. personally I like to relax and meditate.  You can leave it in your hair for 30 mins, then head into the shower. I have tried it for 30 min and a whole day. I feel leaving it in all day, gives it a more deeper conditioning, but if you need a quick fix then 30 minutes will do a nice job.

Shampoo/condition as normal and boom your hair comes out soft as ever. You’ll be playing with it all day.

I keep a small bottle of Olive oil in my bathroom so it’s easily accessible when I need a quick fix.  Make sure it’s one with a pour spout, makes it much easier to pour.

Attention moms:  Mayo works wonderful on lice. Both my boys had it and nothing worked except the MAYO. And, when I did a treatment on myself to make sure I didn’t get any of those pesky bugs, I noticed how soft my hair was after I washed it out. I was hooked.

Healthy Diet:  If you don’t know by now a healthy diet consisting of fruits and vegetables is one of the best ways to keep your hair, skin and body looking fabulous.  Start your mornings off with a green smoothies and end the evening with a salmon dinner full of vegetables that won’t trigger autoimmune symptoms. I also highly recommend you incorporate a collagen powder into your daily routine that will most definitely help with hair and nail growth as well as helping your joints and muscles.