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Weight loss - eat clean

Weight loss can be achieved by smart eating, although we mostly resort to ways like dieting and exercising, which usually fail to produce the desired results. If that is the case with you then here is a perfect plan of clean eating that can rid you of your extra weight and also manage it later, this goes hand in hand with exercising to stay in shape. Given below are the steps that you should stick to as you move on with your weight management plan. All the steps must be carefully followed in order to get the best outcome. It’s totally human to make an error once in a while, but do try to stay on the track.

Step 1. Subtract all processed or junk foods and as well as artificial sweeteners from diet.

You might be a chocoholic or maybe it’s cheese that makes your mouth water, in either case do not quit the food you like instead adopt a clean and healthy eating habit. Clean eating deprives your food menu of junk, artificial and processed food items, and adds to your diet healthy food ingredients and what could be healthier than natural diet. A healthy diet not just manages your weight, but also refreshes your skin, and increases your life expectancy.

To follow this step strictly you should overlook the canned products you buy from the grocery shops, instead buy stuff from the perimeters of these shops loaded with fresh products i.e. vegetables, fruit, lean meat, and fresh bread. But then again the benefits you can derive from these organic foods depends highly on your right choice, i.e. always go for the purest form of each food item e.g. instead of buying regular rice choose brown rice.

Likewise, I do not ask you to cut down on your chocolate intake forever instead of always choosing the chocolates that are sugar free yet filled with unhealthy artificial sweetening agents you should opt for pure dark chocolate. Similarly, for cheese go for the sharp category, not only do you get to use it in less quantity hence lesser calorie but also you can enjoy the same taste as using your regular cheese.

If the diet plan mentioned above freaks you out there is nothing to worry about, there is a still better and simpler way of losing weight i.e. via clean eating which includes all natural foods, which are calorie free as well as low in calories, moreover your homemade recipes can sometimes taste too scrumptious too.

Some Fat Burning Healthy Foods.

These foods are crucial to your weight loss diet regime. With only slight alterations in recipes these foods can be turned into metabolism enhancing meals. Like you can use almond milk as a substitute for buttermilk in the making of your regular pancakes, this can lower the amount of calories, thus acting as natural burners of fats. One must never underestimate the huge impact these small changes in diet can have on your weight. Given below is a list of few such natural fat burners:

  • Hot Peppers
  • Whole Grains, Quinoa and Oats
  • Green Tea and Coffee
  • Lean Poultry and Fish
  • Beans and Lentils
  • Grapefruit and Citrus Fruits
  • Berries, Apples
  • Almonds, Almond milk and Almond butter
  • Eggs
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Spinach and Broccoli

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All these items can be included in a number of recipes, as they have the power to speed up your metabolism and are more nutritious, similar is the case with raw foods they too have these properties, so try to enjoy these foods.

Step 2. Plan your meals and take notes.

This is a very effective manner, as you are recording in a log book all the foods you are taking in you keep a track of all the calories you are ingesting. And also you will understand your eating habits and likings for food, so with time you learn to curb your cravings and eat healthy. Like for instance, you notice every day at noon you have this strong urge to eat a cheese sandwich you can actually fix that by eating a tiny sandwich before that time for suppressing the hunger for cheese sandwich or maybe you can control this by eating an oatmeal breakfast.

This may sound quite boring to you at first, but you cannot undermine the significance it holds in weight maintenance. When you work to the details you actually get a command over your eating habits, and you know how to maintain your physique, never gaining extra pounds.

Make A Diet Plan

If you have found a workout, yoga or running routine, encouraging, so can a healthy diet plan work as a stimulus for you. The science behind the motivation being that you give enough time to set up a perfect meal plan so when something consumes so much of your time you have a greater chance of following it. If for a while you are abstaining from your favorite meal than your meal plan rewards you the next day with a delicious meal to compensate. The rewarding reinforces your perseverance.

As to how many calories you should eat depends on what goal you have, if it is to lose extra pounds then you should set up a target weight and work up your meal plan in accordance with that. The method is simple, keep a track of your calorie intake, taking care not to take less than twelve hundred calories daily as this will cause more weight gain than loss. The method suggests say your target weight is 125 pounds you add a zero to the end i.e.1250 and that is the number if the calories you ought to consume.

Step 3. Be More Active.

Remember the rule, you lose more than half your weight with clean eating the rest is possible with exercise so what you have to do is be more active or physical along with wise eating, e.g. instead of using the elevator opt for climbing the stairs.

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Step 4. Drink a water gallon daily.

Water is also a natural metabolism booster, it has many other benefits as well like for instance it imparts a filling up effect and cleanses the systems. Our body is composed of roughly 60% water, without it we can not survive for more than 7 days. We need water to function properly on a day to day basis and when adding fruits such as lemons, oranges, strawberries or mint leaves, it makes for a refreshing morning detox.

Losing weight does not have to be complicated, what you put into it is what you get out of if. It’s never to late to start.

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