An Education On Natural Medicine

The Medicine Man of the Embera Indian Tribe in Panama

Embera Indian Tribe – Medicine Man

A couple years ago my family and I took a trip to the Embera Indian Tribe in Panama.  A country I am so proud to call home – my birth country.

I was honored to have been able to spend time with the man in this picture called the “medicine man”. As a child he fell ill and was told he would not live. Out of desperation, his mother took him to what they called, a witch doctor way up in the mountains, to find him medicine that would heal him. Once he recuperated from his illness, this witch doctor had told his mother that her child had a special gift sent by god and that she could teach him more.  The gift he was given was healing people with the treasures God placed on our earth and from the help of this witch doctor.

I had asked him if he had anything for lupus and RA, he went on to tell me he has healed many people of different types of illnesses and diseases and has also had people from all over the world asking him for help.  I was so intrigued with what he was telling me and just wanted to hear more on how he made his medicine and which plants he uses.

As he slapped a tree next to him, he told me it would take time to make a medicine for my  illness, because he had to scrape the bark off that tree, gather some plants and boil it for a long time.  As we walked into the garden of medicine plants, as he calls it” he described the properties of each tree, plant, bush, leaf and how it can help a person. Whether a root, tree bark, flower each one of them had some sort of healing properties that he blended together to make a natural medicine for anything from asthma, colds, flu, joint pain, arthritis and even stating he has brewed medicine that has helped many with cancer.  This man was so full of knowledge in natural medicine, which is not a simple process and one that is carefully guarded from the outside world.  Natural healing entails a long, complicated, and complex process involving multiple plant mixtures and specific method for safe human consumption and application.

This man has been thought out by scientist, researchers, doctors, and chemist to teach classes on natural healing.  The Embera Indians teach and share wisdom very carefully revealing ancient secrets and healing practices only through approval of the tribes leaders, community members and only upon heavy debate and lengthy discussions.  

I just cannot stop thinking that what he was possibly doing was extracting the oils from the trees, plants and flowers to make his medicine. From these same plants they even made natural hair and skin care solutions, natural colors for dying straws to weave colorful baskets as well as using for ingredients in many foods. He also mentioned that not all plants are safe, there are some that can be very deadly, if consumed the wrong way.  There definitely is a special science and talent needed to combine all these ingredients to make a safe solution.  I was just in amazement at how they survived off the land naturally.

Being born and raised in Panama as a child and returning as often as I can, I have watched how my own family in the outskirts of town, have used natural remedies for healing.  I look at my aunts and uncles, how healthy and strong they are and yet we here in America are slowly killing ourselves with the foods we eat and all the toxic chemicals we put in and on our bodies.

As the medicine man mentioned.  Everything from our fruits, trees, plants, vegetables, flowers and roots, even humans have a purpose on this earth.  God gave us these natural resources to use and although we might not have the capability to extract the healing properties or oil on our own, we can do the best we can by taking organic natural supplements and eating clean healthy foods.

Medicine Man

Healing Garden of Medicine Plants

It is nice to know that we now have essential oils that are pure and natural that we can use to help with many things in our body.  Essential Oils have been around for many centuries, they are mentioned in the bible several times. It is said that Frankincense & Myrrh were the 2 oils that the 3 wise men brought baby Jesus, were far more valuable then gold.

I thank god every day for giving us such wonderful treasures straight from our earth.  Using essential oils, taking natural supplements along with clean eating, has really made a huge difference in my life. 

It’s time for us to go back in time and use these precious gifts God placed on our earth.  Through healthy eating and natural medicine, I am glad I took the initiative to take control of my health which has changed my life completely.

I believe God lead me down this path and gave me a priceless experience for a reason.  Through the powers of God and the treasures he has placed on our earth, you too can transform your health.  Our bodies are a vehicle God gave us to nourish and protect. 

Through Faith, prayers and taking action you too can live a much healthier life.

Kiki    xoxo

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