An abrupt turn in my life

My journey in life has taken me down many paths, from co-owning and managing successful businesses with my husband, designing beautiful swimsuit cover-ups and leather handbags, founded and ran many charity drives for many years to benefit the poor and homeless people in my local community and in my birth country of Panama, all the way to volunteering at my children’s schools in class activities, PTA committee and band booster club. I did all this while being a work at home mom, raising my 2 two boys and beautiful niece.

At the height of my fashion-designing venture, I became very ill with my autoimmune, which threw my whole life off course and taking me in a totally unexpected direction that soon became my passion in life.

In my early 20’s I was diagnosed with Lupus, yet didn’t have any symptoms that I was aware of back then, so I just blew it off as nothing and continued to live my life. Then around my mid forties, after being hospitalized and bed bound for weeks at a time, I found out I also had Rheumatoid arthritis, which then became a huge wake up call for me. Because I refused to take any medication and yet dealing with a lot of pain, It was then that I stopped feeling sorry for myself and set out on my new journey to find ways to heal my body naturally and reverse the symptoms of these awful autoimmune diseases. I was on a mission and was not going to allow autoimmune to defeat me.


Trial and Error

With years of trial and error, I finally was able to find success in reversing these awful symptoms, which then lead me to writing my first book “Getting Real The Autoimmune Way – Reverse & Prevent”. My passion for writing this book was to self educate and teach you how you too can reverse your symptoms of autoimmune through healing foods designed for your own needs and help you get started on your journey to wellness. (Learn more)

My first book them lead me to writing 2 other books “Getting Real – Achieving Optimal Health” and like having autoimmune wasn’t enough I happen to be going through stages of menopause which added a whole other set of issues, but ones that could be controlled if taken proper care. This book is called “Getting Real – Autoimmune & Menopause“.  These 3 books all go hand in hand and part of your healing journey.  I am also currently working on compiling my stack of family friendly recipes and put them together in an eBook form for you to jump up to the next level healing and enjoy many more delicious autoimmune meals.

Not only am I passionate about natural healing but I’m also a creative person, who loves to cook and experiment in my kitchen with many different autoimmune friendly fruits and vegetables that I love to pick myself. I love growing my own herbs, I like doing DIY projects and experimenting with  homemade health & beauty remedies.  Being born in Panama has taught me a lot about natural healing and living a happy fulfilled life. I’m a high energy person who loves the outdoors, the beautiful ocean waters, and simply taking in the beauty of nature.

Over all, my greatest passion and fulfillment is being a mom. My boys are my biggest support system and I thank God every day for the happiness and many wonderful blessings I’ve been given.  Without GOD in my life I wouldn’t be where I am now. I am so grateful for every moment of my life that I awake and can spend time with my boys.

Through this journey we visited an indigenous tribe in the jungles of Panama and that is where I began to really learn about the power of healing through our plants God placed on our earth. You can read about my experiences with the medicine man and our journey through the jungles of Panama.

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