Quick tips for storing herbs

Say Good bye to your spoiled veggies and herbs. Stop wasting money and learn ways to make them last longer.

One year while visiting my family in Panama, I learned how to make simple seasoning blends to cook with.  However, I usually would make the amount I needed while preparing my meals and at times I would be out of a certain herb or veggie.  Many times I would also reach for some in the refrigerator only for it to be spoiled, slimy and had to through them out.

Then one day, while shopping at the fresh market, I was talking to a lady about my herbs spoiling before I could use it all and she had given me some great ideas on how to freeze all my herbs and use it as I cook. I thought that was a fantastic idea so I took all my herbs and veggies and made different combinations to freeze. It worked like a charm and no more wasting my herbs and veggies. I also played around making different blends and came up with some great seasonings that gave my foods a boost in flavor.

Here’s one tip you can do now:

Get those old ice cube trays and put them to good use.  Cut up fresh parsley and basil or your favorite herb combination and place a little in each tray, fill it up with Olive oil and freeze it. Once it’s frozen take them out and place them in a ziplock bag for later use.

When you’re ready to cook something that requires olive oil, just grab a cube and toss it in your food.

As a busy on the go mom I have very little time for cooking, let alone cutting up fresh herbs each time I needed to cook. To learn more quick tips for storing herbs and get my Free Herbal Seasoning Blend guide, you can instantly download it here. Bye, bye spoiled veggies and herbs, no more waste.