Train your taste buds to like gluten free foods & reduce inflammation

Wild orange Salmon

Recently I was having a discussion on gluten free foods and healthy eating and the one comment most people had made, was how they didn’t like the taste of gluten free foods so I was compelled to have to write a post about it.

I will agree when I first started eating gluten free foods the taste just didn’t sit well with me, it did take quite awhile to get use to the taste. However, when you don’t have a choice and the gluten in the foods you eat are making you sick, you quickly learn to get adjusted to eating gluten free fast. At first I went back and forth, but every time I would eat foods with gluten I ended up pretty sick so I was forced to go back to eating gluten free foods. It took several tries and now for the most part, I eat gluten free foods.

It’s all about mind over matter.

Just like eating baby foods, at first a child spits it out, but after several attempts and because they are hungry, they end up eating it either way and end up liking the flavor eventually.

Don’t give up on the first try, just slowly train your taste buds to like healthy gluten free foods. Within time it will become part of your normal daily routine and when you go back to eating bad gluten foods your body will reject it and those foods will start tasting bad to you too.

Now see, there are some gluten free foods if made properly with the right seasoning, can be delicious. It’s all about experimenting with flavors and combining different foods together to make it taste great. I could understand for kids it might not be a great experience since they’re young, but as they grow up they will learn to appreciate it.

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Breads were one of my downfalls, but once I came across several great recipes and even found a local gluten free shop to buy my breads, it wasn’t so bad then. Just like eating mayo – I can’t eat it or stomach it, but replacing it with hummus was a far better choice and taste great on sandwiches. It’s all about experimenting with different foods until you find the one that makes your taste buds happy yet keeping you healthy.

Most of the store bought chips and junk foods have special craving enhancing ingredients that make your taste buds want more and more. It’s all a marketing strategy to get you to eat more and buy more, yet it keeps making you sicker and sicker too. Train your body to eat healthy and your body will love you for that.

There are plenty of healthy alternatives out there that are just as delicious and also keeps you wanting more. I suggest you take a day to go into your local Whole Foods store and taste many of the samples they have to offer around the store, or just randomly buy a snack and try it. You’ll be surprised at the many gluten free or just healthy foods in general that you will like.

Take that first step into bettering your health. If you notice most foods make you feel bloated or sick, start to eliminate them from your diet. Stick to fruit and vegetable for a week and slowly start introducing other foods so you can narrow it down to the foods causing you problems. You will notice once you eliminate gluten, you will reduce the inflammation in your body. And for those struggling with autoimmune diseases you will notice not as many flareups.  Love yourself enough to start making the changes your body needs.

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