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By March 4, 2016Sleep

Sleeping crash and burn

Stop fighting sleep and get the proper rest your body needs.

In my younger years I have always been one to be on the go and not stopping until I lay my head down on a pillow and fall asleep.  However as I age, I have come to learn to be more in-tuned with my body and listen to what it tries to tell me. When it says rest, I must rest.

Our bodies are not designed to go 24/7 without sleep or rest.  Just like a vehicle, we can’t run it without fuel, we can’t run it constantly without letting it cool down and eventually if not properly taken care of, it will break down on us.  Hate to say this folks, but our bodies work the same way as a car.  We need to fuel it by giving it healthy foods, we just can’t feed it foods that were not designed for our bodies. We need to get the proper amount of rest as well as giving it an adequate amount of sleep.

You need to learn to be easy on yourself. Stop pushing yourself through those long tiredsome days. Listen to your body, it will tell you when you need to slow down, when you need to rest and when you just need to get some sleep. Don’t fight it, just get some good sleep through the night and if possible take a 20 minute nap during the day, that’s it, that’s all you need.

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We can not keep going without proper sleep. I don’t care how much caffeine you pump into your body to keep yourself awake, the bottom line is, if you do NOT get the proper sleep your body needs you will eventually crash and burn. After a few days of not getting enough sleep you will lose focus, clarity, your body will gain weight, and will eventually start shutting down

Long term sleep deprivation is linked to inflammation, depression and a risk factor in chronic diseases. It can also cause many internal issues in your body leading to major illnesses.  Sleeping helps our body to repair itself, it strengthens our immune system, gives us maximum performance and is great for concentration.

Being a person with Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthirtis sleeping is one of the most important factors of keeping my inflammation down and keeping my body from getting flareups. If you are one with a chronic Illness you must listen to your body when it’s tired and you must get the right amount of sleep. This applies to everyone, not just those with illnesses.

So go find yourself a nice cozy spot in your home, take the time for yourself and just dream away.  Sweet Dreams.

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