The Phases of Menopause and Dealing With Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

By May 2, 2016Womens Health

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Dealing with the phases of menopause can be tiring, stressful and scary, but knowing your body well can help you get through these difficult times. 

As ladies we tend to go through many ups and downs with our health, especially more so while we go through the stages of menopause. One thing you can be sure of is, you are not alone, we all go through these crazy stages and some worse than others. At some point in our lives we have to face the facts that we’re getting older. These are phases in our lives that will strengthen us and even make us more beautiful; it’s all part of human nature.

In our early 40’s we are at the prime of our lives, we are so vibrant, alive and ready to concern the world. Then as the years go by we slowly start approaching our late 40’s and start dealing with all these emotions, body changes and just crazy things going on with our bodies, peri-menopause as we call it.

Having had countless conversations with older females friends, many have gone through this same menopausal roller coast ride, some more then others.  However, there are some that had it easy and got through menopause quite peacefully. Congratulations you’re the lucky ones, for me, not much so.

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As I sat listened to the experiences of my older female friends, telling me what they dealt with, I made sure to take some mental notes and store it somewhere in the back of my mind for later use. I do remember their warnings about the heavy non-stop flows lasting for days, so when I turned 50 and had my bouts of heavy flows lasting no more than a week here and there, I thought ok this is not bad at all.

Then I turn 51 and here comes the roller coaster rides, one month it lasted 2 weeks, another month would be 3 days and on some occasions I thought I was home free because I went 2 months without a period. Yes! Well the celebration was quickly over. Once again I went through a 2 week flow and thought, “ok this is a piece of cake I can get through this”, it didn’t seam as bad as what others had gone through.

So my 52nd birthday rolls around period free and I was on top of the world. I went through another 2 ½ months of no periods enjoying my holidays and thought maybe this could be the end once again. Gosh, was I ever hoping it was.

A New Year rolls around and then BAM! All man not again, you guessed it, it started back up. Well it was normal for a week then all of a sudden FLO opened her floodgates and just wouldn’t go away. I went 5 days, then 7, then 10, OMG as time went on I thought my life was passing me by to quickly and I found myself constantly in the bathroom dealing with FLO. Then it hit me, ah ha, this is what my friends were talking about. Yikes!

Flo came to visit and had overstayed her welcome. By the time I got to day 12 I was very concerned with the amount of blood I was losing rapidly and could feel my body on a verge of becoming anemic. I had been there once before and after so many years of taking care of myself and knowing what I needed to do, everything I did just didn’t seam to work. I am one that handles every illness or issues naturally with alternative medicine and up to this point I have succeeded.  

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FLO stayed to visit for 20 days and out of those 20 days FLO was a raging waterfall for 14 days straight non-stop. I was starting to feel the symptoms of iron deficiency and no matter how much iron I consumed through super iron foods daily, it just didn’t seam to be enough. I was still feeling a lot of the symptom like cold hands and feet, low energy level, my skin was turning pale, and I was feeling weak and fatigue. I was even getting headaches, which has been quite a long time since I’ve ever had one. This is when I knew I needed to head to the doctors office and get myself back on track.

So now I am given a prescription for birth control pills of all things. Yep, it’s been a long time. No matter how much I didn’t want to start any prescribed medication, since I’ve handled everything naturally to this point, I knew this was one time I just had to listen. I took the advice of my doctor and started this little pill; Being put on birth control pills, helped to regulate my period and after 2 days FLO was gone, yeah I was happy. I also started taking blackstrap molasses and Mega Foods Iron Supplement, which helped a little with those anemic symptoms.

Let me go off topic a bit here and talk about prescribed medicine. Ladies if you are one that handles all illnesses naturally there are times you will have to give in and take what is prescribed to avoid getting worse and that’s ok. You do what you have to do at that time until you figure out an alternative. However, please don’t fall into a pit of taking one pill and then being prescribed another to alleviate the side effects of the first one given. I’ve seen this happen to many times and before you know it, you are on 10 meds, crazy. This is how you fall into the pitfalls of medicine, now let me tell you what I started dealing with.

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By the 5th day of being on the pill, I noticed symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, anxiety and all I wanted to do was sleep. My boys started to notice a change in me that just wasn’t right and by the 10th day of being on the pill, I was starting to get concerned.

On a weekend trip to a resort I was excited to hit the pool, but soon felt myself just wanting to stay in the room and sleep the whole time. I looked in the mirror and actually seen myself as a different person, I just didn’t feel like myself. I felt unhappy, ugly, my hair was awful, my clothes were ugly, OH MY, it was crazy. I really was feeling very depressed. That night I managed to put on a happy face and head to dinner, but once we got back to the room I just busted out crying.

The first thing my husband tells me is to get off of those birth control pills. He had noticed a change right after I took those pills and had been concerned all along. He was such a trooper at comforting me and knowing exactly the right words to say. The very next day I stopped taking the pill and after 2 days I was back to feeling my normal self again. I could have gone back to the doctor and had her put me on another brand of birth control pills, but I just didn’t want to take the chance again.

After a couple wonderful days, guess who came back for a visit? You guess it, FLO. This time my body was sensitive as ever, lots of cramping, bloating and Flo was a downpour again. By now I had done some research and decided to try some of the remedies I found. To get relief from excessive bleeding (Flo), I tried cayenne pepper supplements; it helps to balance the blood flow in the body, maintain hormonal balance and relieves symptoms of heavy bleeding. After 3 days of taking cayenne pepper the bleeding started subsiding and on the 6th day I was done, just some light spotting, but done with the heavy flows. Could it have been a coincidence that it just randomly stopped or was it the cayenne pepper? That I will not know unless I try it again. However, after reading a lot about cayenne pepper, it’s a natural remedy to stop the flow of bleeding.

I also spoke to my aunt in Panama to see what the women took through these tough times. Bleeding is a normal part of a woman’s body, which does need to be monitor closely so you do not bleed to death. They also don’t believe in interfering with Gods creation and the normal function of a human body. For anemia the doctors recommend fresh beet juice and celery. Yep, I tried it. You can see a video I did on my Facebook page. After a few days of making it, I got smart and added an apple and pineapple to give it a better taste. Soon after it got me back on track helping to increase my energy and adding iron back into my body. I also learn that the leaves of the beets are great for bone health, so that too went into my daily smoothies. I also continue to consume other foods high in iron and sticking to a healthy clean eating diet. Omega-3 fatty acids play an important role in producing hormones and also are highly beneficial at balancing them. On a daily basis I add flax seed oil or chia seeds into all my smoothies because they are loaded in omega-3’s.

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Not that I’m trying to cheer and feeling like I’m home free, but it’s been awhile since my last period, my energy level is high, I am back to exercising and feeling better than ever. At least for the next go round, if there is one, I’m ready to tackle it with my cayenne pepper, beet and celery juice, iron supplements and all the nutritional foods my body needs. Ladies it’s so important to be in-tuned with your body.

Now, I am not claiming to be a doctor nor am I a miss know it all, these are my own personal experiences that I have already gone through. If you’re going through these same issues, I do want to tell you that it’s so important to get lots of rest and keep your stress level down. It’s also important to consult with your doctor and make your own decision on which route you wish to take. I am one that is very active and can’t sit still. I tried exercising through this whole ordeal and even though it can be good to taper off the blood flow, sometimes it can be a bit hard on your body stressing it out even more. It’s ok to just lie down and rest, it’s ok to skip your housework for a while and let your husband and children pickup the slack.

Guys, if you are reading this, support your wives. Trust me, we don’t like it any better than you do. Don’t be selfish and think about just you, it’s hard being a woman. I guarantee you men couldn’t handle this phase as gracefully as women do. I’m sure men also have their own issues like, MANopause, but please give us a break.

I can say I am so grateful to have such an understanding husband and children for that matter. They have been so supportive and have helped wherever they could to keep me from getting stressed out. It’s a very emotional stage and cycle of a woman’s life, but one that when complete, will help you flourish into a more beautiful woman.


  • Sookie says:


    Great post. Can you tell what brand of cayenne pepper supplements you are taking and how many you take a day? I want to try them as well. Thank you

    • Kiki says:

      Thank you. I used Natures Answer – here is where I ordered it
      I took just one per day of the 40,000 HU and with food as it tends to feel warm inside your body
      if you don’t eat anything. I also broke the capsule apart and sprinkled a little on my food. It is spicy.

      • Sookie says:

        Thank you for your reply. I bought a bottle of Nature’s Way. Is there a reason why you only took 1 capsule a day? Does taking 2 or 3 make your flo worse? Sorry for all the questions, I am looking for a natural remedy for my flo issues, and I just want to make sure that take the amount that works best.

        • Kiki says:

          Hi Sookie, I started with 1 daily to see how my body would react and after a few days I started noticing the flo slowing down so I just kept it at 1. Now look to see how many HU is in one capsule? Mine was 40,000 HU, I tried 2 in one day and it was an uncomfortable warm sensation internally so I went back to 1. I also noticed it helped with sore muscles and now take it occasionally as needed or sprinkle a little in my food, as it has so many wonderful health benefits. As for it worsening your flo, I don’t think it will as cayenne is known to stop bleeding. I would be careful and check the HU and just take what is comfortable for your body, last thing you want is more complications on top of what you’re dealing with. Give it some time to work, don’t rush it. I highly recommend that you eat foods high in Iron as you can easily become anemic quick when on a heavy flo and Lots of water. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions, It’s my honor to serve and help. xoxo

          • Sookie says:

            Hello again, Do you think the beet/pineapple/Apple/celery juice also helped stop your flo? I’ve been taking the cayenne for about 6 days and still have some flo. My flo has just been a really long one, not a crazy heavy one, so I was hoping the cayenne would have stopped it by now. I am also taking a multi vitamin and B-complex supplement because I read vitamins can help balance.

          • Kiki says:

            Hi Sookie, The juice was for iron deficiency, I don’t think it helped the flo. Yes, Vitamins are good to take especially B complex and D3. My flo lasted 1 – 1 1/2 months not once but twice and it seamed to stop right after I started the cayenne pepper. Not sure if it was mire coincidence or if it truly worked as I haven’t had one since. I would recommend you see your doctor just to make sure there are no other complications. It could very well be that you’re almost to the end. Many friends, as well as myself, have gone through these long periods. It’s annoying, but all a natural part of a woman’s life. Just drink lots of water, try to get out and walk, and lots of rest when needed.