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Blue berry milkshake-2


This is the all time favorite dessert in our household. The Very Berry Milkshake, just saying the name makes my mouth water.

You can make it with any vanilla ice cream brand you’d like. My boys will use any ice cream brand, but I have to use a gluten free ice cream and it’s much healthier to.


2 – 3   Scoops of gluten free ice cream

1/2   Cup of Almond Milk

1/2   Cup Blueberries

You can use any blender or even mix it up in a magic bullet.  A magic bullet is good if your making it for one person. If you don’t have one, no problem a blender will do or even one of those hand held mixers.

Toss all the ingredients in the blender, mix it well, serve and enjoy every sip.

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