What to expect after Hormone replacement therapy

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Hormone replacement therapy pellet treatment results Day 1 – 10

Part 3

Here I am pellets in my booty and the fun now begins. After getting my hormone replacement therapy pellets inserted, I got sent home with a list of how to properly care for the injection site and what to expect next. I kept a daily diary of how I was feeling each day so I could report the results back to my doctor.

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Day 1 – This was the day I had the pellets inserted. I went home happy knowing this was going to help me. Later in the day I went for a walk and oh boy, half way around the block I was holding my booty because it felt so sore. So after my son got on me for even tempting to walk, I decided one lap was enough and needed to just rest this first day and put my rear on ice. It wasn’t bad, just sore as the anesthesia started to wear off and slightly uncomfortable to sit.

Day 2 – A bit queasy when I woke up, not sure if it was from the pellets or anesthesia. My energy was still the same as usual, had a bit of soreness in the injected site and a slight headache. I walked a little bit and still had soreness.

Day 3 – Still same energy level, urine a bit smelly, but I’m sure it was from the new vitamins I was told to take. Had a slight headache, which I normally do not get. Haven’t noticed anything different, but I was told it would take 2-3 weeks.

Day 4 – Felt good and still a bit sore, but not that bad to where I can’t do anything. Noticed a little energy spurt, but nothing big. I took my vitamins my body was lacking B12 and Dim, which helps to boost the pellets.

Day 5 – Feeling good, backside tiny sore, but not bad at all. Started my progesterone tablets before bedtime and boy did I sleep like a baby. Best sleep I’ve had in a long time. Progesterone cannot be put in the pellets because they dissolve to quickly therefore tablets are prescribed. I should have filled my prescription on day one, but kind of forgot.

Day 6 – Felt good, but nothing out of the ordinary, doing well, no pain in injection site, took all vitamins as prescribed. Slept like a baby again.

Day 7 – Felt a burst of energy so I went for a long bike ride and even walked several laps. It’s been awhile with this kind of energy. Was feeling good. The doctor did say it would take time to kick in.

Day 8 – Holy moly – where did all this energy come from? I woke up feeling great and ready to get my day started. For once I didn’t toss and turn debating whether to get up or not, I just popped out of bed and ready to go. My husband even noticed a huge amount of energy I had. I was the energizer bunny cleaning house, doing windows, dusting, mopping, vacuuming and after all that even went on a long bike ride. Slept like a baby that night.

Day 9 – Woke up feeling great again and wasn’t even sore from cleaning and biking the day before. Again I went back to finishing projects around the house and was able to focus on my work.

Day 10 – I had lots of energy again; I realized I hadn’t had a hot flash, night sweat and even my lethargic voice was gone. Hubby was liking the sex drive part kicking in too. Ohh-la-la.

It’s been 2 weeks now and I have been going non-stop, I eagerly look forward to working out, can focus on my projects and just feel great. I wake up ready to take on the world. I truly can say that so far I have been happy with this hormone replacement therapy pellet. I was told it would kick in 3 weeks after injecting the pellets, but it’s only been 2 weeks and can see it working.

I have to add that eating healthy, taking vitamins your body may be lacking, and exercising is important in reaching optimal health when on these pellets. As a person who struggles with autoimmune, I have felt a positive change in my body, however I cannot go back to my old bad eating habits. I still need to keep doing what I need to control my autoimmune symptoms.

If you decide to try these pellets just keep one thing in mind, even though your hormones are balanced out with these pellets, you still need to stay on a strict autoimmune friendly diet to avoid those symptom triggers. These pellet treatments can surely help to strengthen your bones and prevent chronic illnesses, but you got to do your part.

Keep watching my blog for more future updates on the results of these pellets. I will keep you posted in the upcoming weeks to let you know how it’s all going.

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