So my two boys are both graduated from high school. One son is in college close to finishing his final years and the other just starting on his new adventure to travel the world. Yep, you heard me, travel and get paid. Although both my sons are equally smart, musicians (one playing the piano and cello the other the trumpet) and are driven in life, they are yet so different in there own ways. While they both landed great scholarships for college my youngest decided to take a different path in life at the last minute before college starting up. As always this is how he rolls making last minute decisions, this time it was his first huge decision he had to make as an adult. He chose to take the path of becoming a yachtie and traveling the world on beautiful yachts as a deck hand, not bad for an 18 year old. Of course, my husband and I supported him in his decision, as this is his life and I’m sure without a doubt he will do well and excel beyond his potential. My oldest I’m sure will excel just as much with his passion for music, writing and public speaking. I have to say I am a proud mama of both my sons, they are ready to conquer the world.

So now where does this leave mom? As I’m driving back from getting my son situated in Ft. Lauderdale I was thinking about the next phase of my life. All I kept thinking is what does life have in store for me, what’s next for mom? I’ve done everything from setting up and managing our businesses, accounting, designing and producing a line of swimsuit cover-ups and leather handbags, I was a volunteer mom at my boys school since the day they started pre-school, I ran a booster program, treasurer, and always volunteered with creating props, organizing parties and banquets, as well as always finding the time to give back and do my charity work which is something so close to my heart. Wow, when you sit down and write down everything you’ve done in your lifetime, you can’t help but to feel amazed at your many accomplishments in life, but the biggest one that is most rewarding is being the best mom possible to my boys.

While my life seamed so busy and hectic, it wasn’t always 100% peachy. I also struggled with Lupus and Rheumatoid arthritis for years. I’ve had many battles dealing with the awful symptoms of autoimmune. Yeah, it’s not fun, but I’ve never allowed it to beat me down and I will never give up. I kept fighting, pushing through the bad days and worked hard on healing my body naturally always staying on top of these diseases. On my spare time I would sit and compile all my years of note taking, foods trials and recipes I had created to fit my needs. So now I think where is life going to take me next? Besides traveling which I will continue to do, I’m also going to focus on getting my books done. Not one, but two books. My first book is steps to healing your body naturally for beginners and the second is a recipe book with more advanced meals that are simple to make.

With all this spare time now I can fully focus on getting my books done, which have been two years in the making, creating videos for you as well as simple tools to help you along the way. My first book version will be in eBook form to keep cost down and get it out quicker to all my patiently waiting readers. Later I’ll look into print form. Even though I will always be there for my boys, this mom now has a different mission in life and that is sharing my knowledge and life experiences with all of you.  I will also continue to do videos on Facebook, of my different DIY projects, since that too is what I love to do around the house. This busy bee of a mom just can’t stop; it’s what keeps me young, healthy and strong.

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