Why fear Spinach? It’s a great anti-inflammatory.


I was recently coaching a friend in health & nutrition and half way through the session I mentioned all the wonderful benefits of spinach, all of a sudden she was so distracted that the rest of the session she could not even focus. All she could think about was the taste of spinach. That was the only concern she had.

So I asked why the fear of spinach? This is a vegetable that is so healthy to consume and great for the overall body. Her not liking spinach all boiled down to when she was a child and being forced to eat canned spinach.

I could completely identify with that as I too was forced to eat spinach as a child. Now, I can say, that the stuff out of the can is not to delightful to eat and those thoughts still stick in our heads of having to force that yucky stuff down our throats so we can go out and play. I will admit, when you look at it cooked it really doesn’t look appetizing at all so we think that’s exactly how it taste. As children we brain washed ourselves to think this was gross so we grew up not liking it at all.

As a grown adult I took the plunge to try spinach again, but not the can stuff, we are talking the fresh stuff picked straight from a garden or even bought in a store. I prefer freshly picked from a local farmer.

Spinach is really not bad at all. It’s a matter of getting your taste buds use to the taste and even then, there really isn’t any taste to spinach. It’s all in your head.

When you cook spinach in a good seasoning that’s what you taste is the seasoning. When you make a green smoothie with spinach, pineapple, apples, bananas you don’t even taste the spinach. It just looks green, but taste delicious.  When you add spinach leaves to your sandwich you can’t even taste it and I am talking fresh spinach not the nasty stuff in a can. That I still will not eat.

I’m sure we can all admit our country is over weight because of the unhealthy foods they eat. The food chain is not going to make healthy food, package it up and expect for it to fly off the shelf.  They want stuff that sells fast. It’s all a business so they are going to add food additives to make everything taste great even if it’s unhealthy. That is what we are accustomed to eating.

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If you go out into native countries where everything is cooked fresh with no sugars or additives you would more then likely not like it. But, it is the healthiest foods to eat.   Our bodies are meant to consume natural foods, not foods that are prepackaged with all those delightful additives that make it taste delicious.

You need to retrain your taste buds and your brain to like natural healthy foods.  Just try a spinach smoothie with banana, almond milk and pineapple, it will leave you wanting more.

I was one that hated spinach as a child because I was forced to eat that stuff. Yes, it looked nasty, but as an adult I wished I did grow up eating a lot of fresh spinach. I didn’t start until my later years and now I love it, not only because of what it is doing to my body, but I love the taste of fresh grown spinach.

So back to the student I was coaching.  I had to get her off of the “I don’t like spinach mentality”. I had her drink a green smoothie, OMG! She fell in love with the taste.  She knows how good this is for her bones and overall health. Plus combined with pineapple it’s a powerful anti-inflammatory.  I am happy to say I got her over the fear of spinach and she now eats it on everything.  Who would have thought?

Here are 6 reasons why you should eat Spinach everyday:

  1. Anti-Inflammatory – Best stuff to eat if you have joint pain
  2. Good for the Immune System
  3. Healthy Eyes and Skin
  4. Combats High Blood Pressure
  5. Fights Cancer
  6. Low in Calorie

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