Why sugar is so bad for your health?

By July 19, 2016Health

Man eating sweets

Found in ice cream, cakes and other pastries, sugar is a commonly known item- be it in its crystal or syrup form. It is also used by virtually everyone as a sweetener for food. There are two types of sugar- the complex and simple. Complex sugar is the natural type found in fruits and the likes. This particular one is good for your body. The simple sugar, on the other hand, along with its detriments, is that which we will be considering in this article. A small drop or sprinkle of this commodity can be used to transform anything from sour to sweet and so it is always in high demand. It is found in your usual table sugar and also added to many sweets. But did you know that consuming too much sugar does a lot more harm than good to the body? Here are some of the cons of sugar.

Even after consuming simple sugar for up to five hours afterwards, it still has an adverse effect on your immune system. It prevents it from functioning properly and also reduces your white blood cells’ capacity to fight against bacteria. Consumption of about eight tablespoons of sugar diminishes your body functions by as much as 40 percent! Excess intake of sugar also causes adrenaline surges for its consumers and this causes problem in behavior and also difficulty in learning and paying attention. This is why a lot of people, especially young children, are usually hyperactive after taking sugar.

Sugar has also been identified as a factor that contributes to the suppression of growth. This is due to the fact that it impedes the body’s production of the growth hormone and therefore makes you age faster.

Do you know someone with a great high blood pressure risk? It has been reported that a high intake of sugar leads to this, especially in men. You could chip this in to them and help them to reduce the risk. Concerning oral health too, when consumed sugar mixes with plaque which is formed on the teeth, it creates an acid which can lead to tooth decay after a period of time. If you want to protect your teeth and keep it sparkling white? Then stay away from excess sugar.

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The number one health issue caused by excess sugar along with unhealthy bodyweight is diabetes which is well known to people. This happens when the body’s insulin does not break down sugar the way it is supposed to and the sugar continues to accumulate in the bloodstream. It also poses other threats like depression, hypertension and some types of cancer. In order to prevent diabetes along with these other diseases, you need to tone down your intake of sugar.

Many people have the common misunderstanding that heart disease is majorly caused by an excess fatty layer. This is not so because it has been proven that sugar plays a large role in making your heart unhealthy. It causes your HDL level to rise and this could even bring about the hardening of your arteries! The hardening of arteries in turn creates a higher chance of stroke, heart attack and other numerous types of heart disease.

When sugar molecules come in contact with the bloodstream, they begin to attach to the protein and fat molecules in the body and therefore produce toxic compounds which are harmful to the body. This is known as glycation and it makes the aging process much faster. This is irreversible and so you really should check that sugar.

Our brain functions properly due to the presence of glutamic acid found in many vegetables. B vitamins, which are manufactured by symbiotic bacteria and found in our intestines, help to divide glutamic acid into certain compounds which create a ‘control’ response in the brain and helps it to work accordingly. When we consume refined sugar everyday however, these symbiotic bacteria die as there is no ‘nourishment’ for them and so our amount of B vitamins gets very low. This affects our brain and results in drowsiness and also a deficiency in our ability to calculate and remember things.

Heavy consumption of sugary foods can also cause excess inflammation. This has no advantage to the body and could lead to rapid aging and diseases. Inflammation of this kind is also related to obesity and weight gain. Even if you have a tough diet and exercise regularly, as long as you are consuming excess sugar, you are still very prone to being obese. This is because sugar contains a high amount of fat and it therefore can easily lead to weight gain which in turn, leads to obesity. This is why you might see a fat accumulation around your waist and on other parts of your body like your hips and thighs.

A large number of people do not know that sugar could be one of the underlying causes of acne. They continue to use various types of ointments and creams but the acne seems to keep coming back. This is because they have not successfully identified the main cause which is the intake of excess sugar. If you seem to have a continuous breakout of acne, you should endeavor to monitor your sugar consumption level as this could be the source.

Burdening your body with sugar will have an adverse effect on your health and could even lead to depression. A link has been made between the rate of depression and the intake of sugar in individuals. This also causes your blood sugar to rise and there will be imbalances or ups and downs in your blood pressure level. So now you know what to do if you want to keep on being cheerful and prevent yourself from body fluctuations.

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Yes, it could be difficult to monitor your sugar consumption but here are some ways by which you can successfully monitor and limit the amount of sugar you consume-

  • After reading this, you might wonder what else can be used apart from sugar as it is the only sweetener you know. Do not despair as there are other ingredients that can bring sweetness to your dishes. Opt for much more natural sweeteners like honey, molasses, brown rice syrup and stevia. All these are 100% natural and have absolutely no side effects whatsoever. They can be used in any type of dish and are ideal for any age group.
  • Read the nutrition labels of the food you normally eat to know exactly how much sugar is contained in it and if you need to avoid eating it. You’ll be surprised to see the sugar content found in canned foods.
  • Limit the amount of ice cream, pastries, soda and the likes you eat as these usually have a large amount of sugar in them.
  • Avoid consumption of sugary beverages. You might think that you can just have a little sip and be fine but this is totally false as just a ‘little’ sip will leave you craving for it even more than what you expect. We all have cravings but you can help your health by trying natural fruit juice instead. Extract juice from the fruit, add salt and saccharine to it and then drink.
  • Do not try to stop it all at once as this can cause a huge relapse. Instead, cut down your sugar consumption slowly. For instance, try a cube of sugar for a week then half a cube the following week and finally avoid the usage of sugar completely.

Once you stop or cut back your sugar consumption you will see some changes in your health and body appearance.  This would be a good time to get into a clean eating routine for optimal health.