Simple and insanely delicious autoimmune friendly meals

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Not knowing where to start, what foods to choose or how to cook is the one area where most people are at a loss.  I have seen many people, including myself; stop eating because they think every food they eat triggers their symptoms. You cannot do this; it will only make you weaker and more ill. You need to fuel your body with good anti-inflammatory foods that will help you heal your body and not destroy it.

One thing you want to do is make sure you pay close attention to, is how your body reacts to every food you eat, including the ingredients used. Don’t rule it out so fast until you know for sure and make a notation in your journal on how it made you feel.  What’s important is to always be in tuned with your body at all times. Get to know it well from the inside out.

I compiled 20 of my delicious recipes from my new book “Getting Real – Soups, Salads, Seafood and More”.   Although if you are having serious gut issues then not matter how great these foods are, there are other things you must do in order to get your gut straight, you might need to start with a more basic diet and strip every food down to the basics.  I teach you how to do this in my main e-book Getting Real the Autoimmune Way. You can learn more by going to the link below and there you can see what I cover in my book.

Learn more here:  Getting Real The Autoimmune Way – Learn simple ways to heal your gut and take control of your health.

However, if you’re ready for my next level recipes you can grab all 20 delicious recipes by clicking this link “20 Insanely delicious AI recipes”  download them to your computer so you have them ready for your next meal.

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